Kenonia Friday Meeting @ St. Mary & St. Mina

The word "Kenonia" is a Greek Word which means communion or joint participation,  It is used to refer to the spirit of fellowship and unity that must exist within the Body of Christ, the Church.  We chose that term for our Friday Service program to reflect the primary goal of that service.  Specifically, the Kenonia Friday meeting @ St. Mary & St. Mina has the following three man objectives:

(1) To build up the spirit of unity and fellowship among our children and youth;
(2) To teach the church hymns and praises to our young generation; and
(3) To allow for discussing topics that we typically do not have time to discuss in detail on Sundays (e.g., relationships, Apologetics, Church Rites and Rituals)

The Service is divided into three age groups:
  • Elementary (KG up to Grade 4) - the service here covers memorization, hymns, coptic and praises
  • Middle School (Grade 5 to 8) - services alternates between discussion topics and hymns classes on a weekly basis
  • The Youth Meeting for High School and College
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