St. Stephen the Archdeacon & Proto-Martyr
English Bible Study Groups

By the Grace of God, on January 9,2020 (the Eve of the feast of St. Stephen the Archdeacon and Proto-martyr), we started our first group of St. Stephen the Archdeacon English Bible Study Groups. The long-term vision of this ministry is to help start Bible Study Groups among our church families who live in close geographic proximity to one another (e.g., one group could be for families living in Manlius, another for Liverpool, a third for Ithaca, etc...). These study groups will be totally in English for the benefit of our youth and children, and for the benefit of non-Arabic speakers in our congregation. The groups ideally will be meeting every other week (for now, we are starting with a meeting once a month).  During the time in-between these meeting, we will be providing, on this page, brief hints and questions as aids for independent study of the Book studies.  We are starting with the Book of Genesis:

The Old Testament - the Book of Genesis: