Thanks to our Loving Lord, the intercessions of His saints, the prayers of our beloved Father Bishop David, we recently moved to our new church building located at 106 Church Street, North Syracuse, NY 13212.   The new building has plenty of space which, by the Grace of God, will allow us to start many new services and ministries.  At the current time, we are working on dedicating a chapel in the new church building to be named after our beloved St. Pope Kyrillos the Sixth.   

We hope and pray that your prayers, support and donations can help us in the renovation of the new building and the establishment of St. Pope Kyrillos the Sixth Chapel.  Your contribution would be extremely appreciated and is, of course, tax deductible.  Moreover, we intend to place the names of all our supporters on the new altar to be named after the Great Saint, Pope Kyrillos the Sixth and to remember them in every liturgy we offer on that altar.  Every donation will make a difference, regardless of the size.