St. Koltas the Physician & Martyr

St. Koltas (Colluthus) is one of the Christian physician saints, along with St. Cosmas and Damian and St. Panteleímon.  He was born to pious Christian parents in the third century in Egypt.  His father was a governor over Antinoe in Upper Egypt, but did not have any children.  After praying to our Lord Jesus, God granted him this saint.  St, Koltas was raised him in the fear of God and the love of the Church.  He was pure from his youth, and desired to live a life of celibacy and consecration to God.  All his father’s attempts to get him married failed; St. Koltas’s sister however was married to Arianus who succeeded her dad in becoming governor.

Following the departure of his parents, St. Koltas built a shelter for strangers and travelers.  He also studied medicine and practiced it for free. When Diocletian apostatized, Arianus followed in his footsteps and started to aggressively persecute the Christians. St. Koltas rebuked his brother-in-law for forsaking the worship of the True God, but Arianus would not listen.  For the sake of St. Koltas’s sister (Arianus’s wife), however, Arianus did not torture the saint himself, but had him sent to the governor of El-Bahnasa, where he was put in prison for three years. His sister meditated for his release, but all her appeals failed.  At last, the governor cut off his head, and he was granted the crown of Martyrdom.  Following his martyrdom, many miracles appeared from his body.  The saint has a church from antiquity in "Refa" near Assuit, Egypt where many miracles of healings continue to this day.  St. Koltas’s feast day is on June 2nd.  May his prayers be with us all, Amen